About the Visionary of B.A.E

Meet Elmina Morissette who is a Mental Health Coach, Ordained Minister and the Author of Christ Renewed Everything About Me. She has been commissioned by the Holy Spirit to teach others how to renew their minds in Christ to activate their next level and break strongholds/generational cycles. She is the visionary of the B.A.E Movement where women of God learn how to live a Blessed, Authentic and Evolving Lifestyle by becoming whole and purposeful. She is leading women to inner healing by facilitating a sacred space to heal their inner child, experience reciprocated love, discover their authentic selves & work through the hard stuff by utilizing Sisterhood and Biblical Principles as the tools. Discipleship is key in transformation. She believes that breaking generational curses/ strongholds is the cornerstone to establishing generational wealth.

Grab the book written by our visionary Elmina Morissette. This is one of her greatest accomplishments and it embodies all the principles/values of the Blessed Authentic and Evolving Movement!

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Christ Renewed Everything About Me Worknook

This workbook would help you to strategize and understand your walk with God. It will strengthen your walk and teach you how to overcome battles and strongholds in your life. With spiritual tips and journaling sessions included in each section, this will help you grasp the crucial steps of understanding how you first must reflect, then receive the revelation from the Holy Spirit, and then create resolutions that allow you to move forward and hold yourself accountable. To proclaim over yourself that “My past is not what defines me, my purpose does!” Moving forward towards destiny is the goal and the best way to do that is to understand that in your flesh you cannot accomplish much but when you apply the Holy Spirit in any situation, you will always succeed! God is within you and he is for you and never against you!