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Being a part of the B.A.E Sisterhood will give you access to all of the activities and events that we are hosting. This selection is for the person with a very busy schedule who may not have the time to build connections but would love to be a part of events to establish those divine opportunities to collaborate and network.

It is also a beautiful escape from your reality by coming here to take off all the many hats you wear as we dynamic kingdom women and just be in the presence of good women of God who focus on reciprocating love and empowering and uplifting each other in fellowship. It is truly a retreat every time you’re with the BAE community!

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Being a part of the B.A.E Tribe, you will have exclusive access to our monthly workshops where expert coaches come to add value and give strategy to our members! Tribe members not only are invited but they help select all our scheduled event dates (by survey). You will have first-hand access and calendar invites to all our BAE events.

You will have access to our private community group on the WhatsApp platform which allows you to engage with your sisters and get daily devotionals from our gifted talented sisters. Talk about daily “right now” words! With access to the BAE community, you can Stay up-to-date and share your accomplishments, and your worries/doubts, request prayer and know that your sisters are there to stand in the gap through prayer, share resources/strategy, and uplift you!


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Being a part of the B.A.E Tribe Program will give you access to all the same perks as BAE Tribe but NEXT LEVEL Elevation opportunities. This will be our focus group which is used to measure the success of the women who can commit to the program and apply themselves so that they can evolve spiritually, personally, and professionally.

 The Tribe Program members are recognized at our annual B.A.E Gala for all their achievements and receive the opportunity to qualify for a BAEpreneur Scholarship to kickstart their dreams.

The tribe program members have access to our BAE business experience plan that provides you, from start to finish, strategy on how to establish yourself in the marketplace, tips on how to design your elevated pitch, brand your business, network, and all stationary and professional (flyers, logo, website) needs that your business will have as a small business.

The requirements for this focus group are weekly prayers with your monthly Accountability partner. This is effective to help you grow in support and vulnerability with the sisters that you are truly excelling with. When we pray together, we elevate together. Workshop attendance is also mandatory.

Tribe Program

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